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Poorna offers a real and surreal experience in the not so real world we all live in today; with the beautiful Mandovi river surrounding the space, making you feel more like a 70s tribe with huge canopy surrounding the area much like the Amazon in Africa, and the Nerul village doesn’t disappoint one with a crystal-clear sunrise and sunset.

Poorna, meaning complete/full in Hindi is the basic definition of what we have in store for you in the beautiful village of Nerul, North Goa.

Waking up early, sipping up your hot coffee while taking the view of the river passing just fifity meters away from you, the occasional glimpses of the wild life that surrounds you, with a beautiful sun kissing you to start the day with rejuvenated energy encompassing every breath of your being.

You enter our place and surprisingly the voice from the inside whispers to you a single word, home. With statues of Buddha welcoming you and art from many different artists from across the country sending a probe inside your head to think differently with a calming song in the background.

We’ve tried to shape Poorna with love, the staff carrying a smile always to help you with anything you require any time 24*7, from places to travel, to where you can see the dolphins, the massage centers and how to take the whole “Dil Chahta Hai” experience in Goa.

Our swimming pool, separated by the river by only a single wall, you can see the whole canal while you are practising your strokes, this is one of the many epiphanies Poorna offers its guests. Areas marked with Vaastu science are made for meditation purposes for a higher level of living and a more enriched stay at Poorna.

We’ve a garden which contains every variety of plant there can be, a terrace from where you can view the whole of Goa, artefacts from different eras to make you wonder in time and graffitis with a varied mix of colour for the hippie in you. The interiors are handcrafted with every wall designed with meaning. It’s a rainbow house as every room has a different colour code to add more excitement and curiosity in your heads with books from many famous authors lined up at every room to quench your thirst for knowledge and to light the fires of change.

You come here and we promise you that your life will never be the same again after experiencing the realities of life with us. See you soon!

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